The Ammonite Galaxy Series:


The series was planned as four books: Valhai, Kwaide, Xiantha and The Ammonite Galaxy, but evolved a bit during the writing process and turned into seven (!). Here is the list:

The Ammonite Galaxy series to date:

Book One: Valhai (published Oct 2010)
Book Two: Kwaide (published Oct 2011)
Book Three: Xiantha ( published Sept 2012)
Book Four: Pictoria ( published 1st December 2012)
Book Five: The Lost Animas (published 15th September 2013)
Book Six: The Namura Stone (published 15th September 2014)
Book Seven in the series, The Trimorphs (published September 10th 2015)


I was worried about the ending to the series, but, thank goodness, it all came together, and I just felt so relieved. Thank goodness!

There is another project in the pipeline, but I can't say too much about that just yet. It is still in the mulling around stage and needs a bit more time.