Six, Diva and Grace:


From the author:


In Kwaide quite a few things change between Six, Diva and Grace. I hope you like the way the book develops. For me one of the best things in the series is the banter between Six and Diva, and that is one of the things that I didn't want to change too much for the whole series. But I also didn't want everything to stay static, because things are changing very fast in the binary system, and the characters are bound to change too. As the series progresses so do the relationships.

Diva is very bloodthirsty in Kwaide. Maybe this could have been one of the scenes:

This could be Diva after the battle


Actually Diva's sword is a dagger, so the above illustration is unlikely, unless she borrowed somebody else's. The following is a photo of Diva's Coriolan dagger. At least, this is what I imagined, though slightly bigger. I saw this in an ironmonger's one day, and had to buy it. Got some pretty strange looks. It is ornamental, luckily, so the blade is not that sharp, but it can be intimidating, just the same!

Diva's Coriolan dagger


I can just imagine her wielding this to very good effect.

So - hopefully - you will enjoy the twists and turns in this new book. I certainly enjoyed writing them!

Here's is Diva's new Twitter account, which she only uses to insult Six:

Unfortunately I haven't really got into that yet, so you may need to be patient! Sorry!